About Us

We’re a small team of artists who happen to love software development. Everything we do is rooted in our passion for elegant design, both internally and externally. We take great pride in our work, and place a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. For us, there’s no better feeling than knowing we help our customers put their best foot forward with great online experiences.

we create experiences

We design your project using the persona of your prospects to create a relevant and engaging experience. Every job is fully custom, and tailored to your brand.

we build relationships

We treat every job as if it was our own, and believe in doing things the right way – not the easy way. Our goal is always to get a 5 star rating, and for you to feel great about referring us to your friends and family.

Our Mission

We get a thrill out of helping businesses like yours put their best foot forward online. 

We’re on a mission to help small to medium sized business build their brand and attract more business with aesthetically compelling online experiences.

Our Team

We’re a small team of artists and engineers with a passion for great design, inside and out. We’re based in San Diego, CA and Long Island NY.

We love what we do, and take pride in our work. We’re passionate, motivated and prepared to help you succeed.


Our Process

We'll keep you in the loop from start to finish


Learn about your why

In this crucial first step, we’ll determine why you’re passionate about your business. This sets the foundation for the entire project.



Next, we’ll research all aspects of the problem space. We’ll research your industry, product(s), competition, target audience, etc. At a technical level, this is where we make tech-stack decisions, and establish necessary integrations.


Design and mockups

We’ll come up with an attack strategy supported by documentation, visuals and mockups. We’ll iron out any ambiguities at this stage to ensure expectations are met.



We’ll develop the bulk of your project. Whether that means coding up a custom app or site from scratch, or creating an Elementor WordPress site, you’re in great hands.



We’ll iterate on our solution in close collaboration with you, to ensure clarity and satisfaction.



Launch time – this is where we deliver an awesome product, and send it into orbit.

We build long lasting client relationships.

"Thanks Launch Site!"

They exceeded my expectations by not only completing the task at hand at a rapid rate, but providing quality communication along the way. Thanks Launch Site!
Kristina Ugenti
Head Chef & Co-Founder, Simplyprep

Our clients are thrilled with our work

Don’t just take our word for it; see what our clients are saying about us!


5/5 on Google Business

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Andrew & Andoni | Cofounders

Meet our awesome team of artists and engineers

We’re a small team of artists and engineers based in the Long Island and San Diego.



Co-Founder | Design | Marketing

Andoni is an enthusiast about all things tech, loves to play soccer, hang out on the water, and play with his dog, Enzo.


Design | Marketing

Emily loves to create art in several mediums, digital and traditional, hang out at the beach, and play with her dog, Kirby.


Co-Founder | Design | Software Engineering

Andrew's always growing his tech skillset, loves to play drums, hike San Diego trails, and play with his dogs.


Design | Software Engineering

Ryan enjoys learning about technology across the stack, snowboarding and skiing in the winter, and watching his favorite New York sports teams.


Design | Software Engineering

Conor loves to learn about front-end technologies, spend time with friends and family, relax at the beach, and watch premier league soccer games.


Design | Marketing

Jenna's passionate about creating all forms of art, loves to hangout at the beach, and play with with her dogs, Tobi and Milo.

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